Our Recipe

We at Fence Pros Charleston have a simple recipe that is easy to talk about, but very few can do.

  1. We answer the phone or respond quickly to calls, texts, emails, and information requests. We understand the frustration of trying to get someone to respond and we pride ourselves on being responsive.
  2. We show up on time. It is hard to believe that most contractors do not. We respect your time.
  3. We have great prices. That does not always mean we are the cheapest, but we are normally priced in a way that everyone can feel good.
  4. We take care of you during the process and after the completion of your fence installation. You can read through our testimonials to confirm our commitment to you.

Our Process

From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way.

Typically clients will contact us by phone or an online information request. We respond as promptly as possible. We will set a time for an estimate. We ask that you check us out online before we come to estimate and provide us with a paper copy of a survey when we meet. The survey will help us find your property corners to get an accurate measurement for your estimate. We will also use this paper survey to create a diagram which you can use to submit to your homeowners association for approval.

1. Estimate -

We do everything in our power to show up promptly for your estimate. At this time we will discuss your needs, find property lines, educate you on the process, go through types of fencing, take measurements and give you a written estimate. We do not ask for money down or deposits unless your fence is extreme speciality or custom.

2. Ordering Materials -

Once you have chosen Fence Pros Charleston, we will order your materials.

3. Delivery -

Usually, we will have the fence materials delivered directly to you. We try to install your fence as soon as possible after delivery.

4. Install Day -

We will contact you the evening before installation to let you know we are coming. We do want you present when we start.  We will meet with you and the installation team for your fence layout. We will set strings around the property according to the survey markers. We set the fence slightly inside your property line to be sure we are not encroaching on your neighbors property. We will paint on the ground where everything goes with you. When you are happy with the fence location, the team will go to work. You are free to carry on with your normal day.

5. Installation -

Our team will care for your property and clean up. We will dig holes around 2 feet deep and cement every post. We ask that you do not move posts or let the gates slam for some time to allow the concrete to get solid. When the installation team is done, we will come back and double check. Even though our crews are trained and experienced we want to make sure it is done to your satisfaction and ours.